Collaborator of the Month - Holly Ambro

Collaborator of the Month - Holly Ambro

Meet our March Collaborator of the month - Holly Ambro!

We are so honored to have been working alongside Holly for nearly three spectacular years. Her charismatic personality and pure heart are as endearing as they are inspiring.

A true gem, Holly welcomes us into her world through her engaging YouTube channel. Here, she showcases her home finds, shares decorating tips, and walks us through her home projects. Her loyal subscribers admire her videos as well as Holly, herself. Holly's home is not just a place, it's an experience – one that reflects her personality and tastes in every corner.

Discover more about Holly, shop her favorite items, and don't miss the opportunity to explore her beautiful home and style on Instagram and YouTube @livingitcounty.

  1. Describe your style of decorating?

My style of decorating is Modern farmhouse with accents of traditional style. I love adding hints of vintage charm as well as affordable finds I mix in from goodwill, small shops like Cotton and Crete and Amazon.

  1. Favorite color to decorate with?

Sage green - it’s the perfect color to have all year long too! It goes great with every season.

  1. Favorite Room in your Home

My favorite area is our dining room. It is small and cozy. We spent the first 6 years of our marriage without a dining room or even table setting. My husband, daughter and I would eat on our bed. It often reminds me that sometimes the smallest places can be the sweetest.

  1. What is your favorite thing to do in Springtime?

 I love watching my kids play baseball. I love the sunshine, bringing out the sunglasses and the smell of fresh cut grass!

  1. What was your last impulse buy?

I actually don’t impulse buy. Being a smart shopper is one thing I am really good at!

  1. If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

Somewhere with heat and sunshine and a roof over my head with my family!

  1. Who had the biggest impact on your life growing up and why?

My mama. Strong, sweet and always figured out a way! She definitely was the person that made me go after things and at least try. If I didn't like something, it was never a big deal but to try something new was something I was taught young.

  1. What’s your hidden talent?

My hidden talent would have to be my talent for saving. For those that know me well, will often come to me for hacks on vacation saving, thrift finds advice and deal findings.

  1. 5 words that describe you?

 Loyal, honest, loud, observer and a saver

  1. What is your favorite childhood memory?

Making peanut butter cookies with my nana

  1. How do you like to spend your free time?

 Playing board games with my kids. Our favorite is Marvel Spot It. For Easter my kids are getting some new card games and I can hardly wait to play the games with them.

  1. What is the first thing you notice about a person?

 How they make other people feel

  1. What is the kindness thing anyone has ever done for you?

There are so many things and most of the time it truly is the simplest of things. My kids giving me a hug when they truly just feel I need it, my husband making me a cup of coffee because he thought of me, my mom offering to watch the kids while I work out.

  1. What has been your favorite age so far?

This year has been pretty fantastic! So, 32! Fun fact, I actually didn't know I was 32 until recently😂

  1. Who is your inspiration and why?

I am so inspired by my children. They learn and grow and do things that just shock me. My kids put their full heart into everything they do.

  1. What motivates you the most?

Such a terrific question. Knowing I have ones that truly depend on me motivates me. I have a lot of people depending on me to be healthy, to be alive and to be present and knowing I have people who love me and need me is just amazing to me.

  1. Do you collect anything?


  1. Something about you that would surprise your followers?

I have been creating videos and vlogging since I was itty bitty. Every vacation, baking, cooking, etc. I entered into film festivals as a kid and truly just love what I do now. Looking back, I couldn't imagine doing anything else more than creating videos!

  1. Best advice you ever received?

 I would love to give a piece of advice that has helped me a lot. Hearing the word no from one person, doesn't mean to stop what you're doing. Keep going till you find the yes. Keep going!

  1. The one thing you could not live without?

My Family

  1. Favorite item that you have collaborated with Cotton and Crete?

My favorite thing is hands down Cotton and Crete's reclaimed wood table. It is my favorite piece of furniture in my home. It will be a piece in our home forever.

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