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Cotton & Crete brings modern farmhouse, industrial, and cottage aesthetics together harmoniously. Why limit yourself to one style when you could display pieces from around the world? Our wide collection of home decor creates the antique look and feel that gives your space the perfect touch of character.

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Harvest Home

Welcome to our Harvest Home Collection! Embrace the beauty and warmth of the fall season by incorporating our specially curated pieces into your home. Our collection perfectly merges rustic charm
with the rich hues of autumn, enabling you to transform your space into a cozy fall-inspired haven. Step into the warmth of the season with the Harvest Home Collection.

A Touch of France

Let me tell you about a remarkable journey that has left an indelible print on my heart, a journey to the glorious French Riviera. I was a young teenager of 13, embarking on a summer vacation with my parents around the bustling mediterranean sea. France, the star of our voyage —and no, we're not talking about Paris. It was the French Rivera, tucked gracefully along the mediterranean coast, that stole my heart.

Imagine waking up to the soothing songs of the sea, indulging in a heavenly assortment of French pastries and bread, and losing yourself among the charming local shops. The Riviera's sapphire-blue waters and impeccable summer weather were a dream woven into reality. It's the kind of place that makes you want to go back, time, and time again.

What's special is how life slows down in the mid-day. The hustle and bustle come to a pause as people retreat to their homes, embracing the slower pace of life that the Mediterranean climate encourages. It's their way of acknowledging the beauty all around them, something I think we all can learn to do a bit more.

And oh, how can I forget my pink leather Vespa bag? Despite the wear and tear over the years, it remains one of my most cherished possessions. It carries not just my essentials but a piece of my heart and a flood of memories—of wandering the Riviera's enchanting streets with my family. So, here's to the journeys that stay with us, long after they're over, and the souvenirs that keep their spirit alive.


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What People are saying

I purchased for the first time a couple weeks ago. Received order in a very timely fashion and loved it! The items are beautiful! Thanks so much. I just ordered again!

Suzanne H.

The items I’ve received from Cotton & Crete have exceeded my expectations. Always unique, charming and great quality! They have added the perfect finishing touch in my home decor.

Ann V.

Love this small mother daughter business! Each item is more gorgeous then the last and I get so many styling/design ideas from their social media! The hearts of the owners is just as beautiful as the things they are selling.

Jane G.

Our team is dedicated to helping you find farmhouse inspired decor you'll love. From kitchen accessories to bedding, we have the perfect rustic addition you've been searching for.


No room is complete without a few staple pieces. We source high quality farmhouse decor worldwide for modern and rustic styles alike.