The Cotton and Crete Story

Bringing you items you'll love for your home and garden

How it started

We started out as an interior design business, specializing in remodels of historic homes. We loved incorporating the old with the new to create unique rooms with a hint of the past mixed with the promise of the future. 

As we were finding products to help our clients make their personal space beautiful, we found we wanted to share those pieces to help others make their space perfect for them and thus our online store was born.

Meet Our Team

Sharon Canale

Founder/Creative Director

Sharon's Favorite Collection

Gabriella Meshon

Co-Founder/Customer Relations Director

Gabriella's Favorite Collection

Gabrielle Smith

Co-Founder/Administrative Director

Gabrielle's favorite collection

Chris Canale

Director of Operations

Chris Meshon

Shipping Manager

Joe Zoccola

Receiving Manager

Meg Tribuno

Content Photographer

Carfully Curated
European Farmhouse Style

Our pieces are curated from all over the world. We love finding items that add beauty and functionality to the home.  

Although a lot of time is spent searching for our products, the most important aspect of our business is keeping our customers happy.  We know that's the only way to keep our business strong and it is something we strive for every day.

It is our hope that you find something you love as much as we love sharing it with you!