The Old Heart

The Old Heart

In this blog, I would like to get a little personal since it's Valentine's Day. I think at times it's nice to get to know the real people behind the business.

When my husband and I first started dating we did not have a whole lot. I came into our relationship with 3 children and an almost empty bank account. He did not bring kids but did have the empty account after leaving everything he had to a person in a previous relationship.

Our relationship moved very quickly. We started dating in July and were married by the following May. During that time we were building a home together, renovating a townhouse, raising kids, planning a wedding and working full time jobs.

A few months before our wedding we celebrated our 1st Valentine's Day together. He gave me a heart brooch that he had found in a little antique store. It was made of a cluster of rhinestones and white metal. He may not have spent a lot but I thought it was the most beautiful brooch in the world. I wore it that Valentine's Day and it was with me on our wedding day. It has had several stones fall out and glued back into place through the years, some of the stones have cracked and the latch does not always close properly but every Valentine's Day I pull it out and wear it close to my heart, (even if we have no plans and I am walking around in a sweatshirt and yoga pants) because it reminds me of that 1st Valentine's day and all the struggles we have been through and just like us it may have had its problems but it's still together and shining brightly.

Remember love lives in all of our hearts, from the love we give to each other to the love we should give ourselves - take a moment and enjoy it! Have a happy Valentine's Day!

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