Collaborator of the Month - Cindy Trone

Collaborator of the Month - Cindy Trone


Meet our November Collaborator of the month - Cindy Trone!  Cindy is a true inspiration to many with her beautiful cottage style decor. Cindy is one of the few that we probably collaborate with monthly and simply adore everything she does. She has the ability to make everything look pretty! 

Her Instagram following is a testament to the beautiful designs she creates within her home. Those who have had the pleasure of working with Cindy will know that she is not only sweet and kind, but also incredibly friendly. Her warm demeanor makes her an absolute joy to collaborate with. 

Learn more about Cindy and be sure to check out her Instagram at @sweetcottagecharm to see her beautiful home and style.

  1.  Describe your design style in one word 


  2. What is your personal favorite décor piece in your home right now?   

    The distressed oak pillow bench 

  3. What is your favorite accent color to decorate with? 

    Creams and tans 

  4. Favorite Memory?   

    My wedding in Hawaii 

  5. What is Your favorite season?


  6.  Favorite thing to do in your spare time?  

    Walk the beach with my hubby and dogs

  7. What motivates you the most? 

    To inspire others to be creative 

  8. What do you do first thing in the morning? 


  9.  Finish the phrase: The way to my heart is……. 

    The way to my heart is coffee 

  10.  What was the best advice you ever received? 

    My grandma told me to put a $2 bill in my purse that way I would never spend and I would never be broke.

  11. What chore do you like the least? 


  12. Favorite Room in your home -

    Living room

  13. What never fails to make you smile? 

    My dog and flowers 

  14. Morning or Night? 


  15. One item you could not live without? 

    My phone

  16. What are 3 items on your current bucket list

    Travel to Italy, have my home in a magazine and learning how to can foods 

  17. Since we are in the Thanksgiving Holiday Month, what are the foods that will definitely be on your table?

    Ham, candied yams, pecan pie

  18.  Who do you spend Thanksgiving with?

    Family and Close friends 

  19. What are you most thankful for this year?

    My boys and husband 

  20. Something about you that your followers would be surprised by?

    I dislike winter. 

  21. What was your favorite collab that you did with Cotton & Crete?

    So many... my favorite was last Christmas ♥️