Rescued Pet Pillow

Rescued Is My Favorite Breed

Doing the blogs, we found that it may be nice to share some personal information about us with our customers. We just recently started adding some pet items into our online store, so I thought I would share something about my favorite pet. 
 Meet Lola, my rescue dog that has brought my fiancé and I endless joy and love since the day we met. I remember when I first saw her at the shelter, she had the biggest paws compared to her little body. We weren't expecting to adopt a dog that day, but I immediately fell in love. Lola was very shy and timid at first, but now, she is full of life and loves to play. As soon as I took her home, she quickly became a beloved member of our family and filled our home with cuddles and silly antics. My favorite thing about her is how sassy she can be! Everyone who knows her, knows she has the best facial expressions. Because of her big personality, she has accumulated many nicknames! Sometimes she's known as Lo, Lolster, Stinker, or my favorite, which Gabriella came up with, Noodle! I am so grateful to have found this furry friend! If you ever get the opportunity to rescue a dog, do it. Not only do you give the dog another chance, but you get to experience the unconditional love that they bring.


P.S. Check out our "Gifts for the Pet" Collection. we just started adding into the category and hoping it will grow into a lot more choices. Image preview