Collaborator of the Month - Stacie Moore

Collaborator of the Month - Stacie Moore

Meet our February collaborator of the month, Stacie Taylor Moore!

Stacie's passion for home decor and her ability to bring the English Cottage Style to life is truly a source of inspiration for us, as well as her numerous followers.

Stacie was one of the first influencers we had the opportunity to work with, we've admired her creativity and her knack for creating such unique design ideas. We can hardly contain our excitement each time she styles our pieces, and we're sure you'll feel the same way.

Discover more about Stacie and don't miss the opportunity to explore her beautiful home and style on Instagram @stacie__taylor__moore.

1. Describe your style of decorating?

English Cottage

2. Favorite color to decorate with?

Greens and Blues

3. Favorite Room in your Home?

Laundry Room

4. How do you start your day?

Getting the boys out the door for school with coffee. Lol

5. What was your last impulse buy?

Wallpaper for my ceiling.

6. What’s something that you do not like doing?

I do not like watching football.

7. It’s February, the month of the Valentine? Do you celebrate Valentine’s Day if yes – what are your plans?

I’m not big on Valentine’s Day, the best part is my husband and boys treat to dinner out!

8. What’s the best compliment you’ve ever gotten?

Your home should be in a magazine.

9. 5 words that describe you

I am determined and creative.

10. What is your favorite childhood memory?

Swimming at night with my friends.

11. Biggest surprise you have ever had?

When my daughter passed the Bar

12. What is the first thing you notice about a person?

I notice people’s smiles

13. What advice would you give to your young self?

You are going to be just fine.

14. If you could only eat one meal for the rest of your life what would it be?

I would and could eat roasted duck everyday!

15. Who is your inspiration and why?

Inspiration isn’t a person to me. It’s experience and exposure.

16. What motivates you the most?

My kids and husband.

17. Do you collect anything?

I collect shaving mugs.

18. Something about you that would surprise your followers?

I am a cervical cancer survivor

19. Best advice you ever received?

It’s your choice to do things. No one else’s

20. The one thing you could not live without?

A garden

21. Favorite item that you have collaborated with Cotton and Crete

I could never list just one thing! I love so many of your items. But if I had to it would be the Alden Table!