Deck the Halls With Flowers

Deck the Halls With Flowers

Possibly the greatest thing about flowers is how they can liven up any room. With spring already here, Why not play with some ideas that will give your a home an extra special floral touch. In the kitchen, where most of us spent plenty of time, why not upcycle some items that will make use of some of those old things that are sitting in the pantry.

Find and old water pitcher and fill with fresh flowers or pull out those old pots and use them to plant some bright flowers. That will surely give any room a cheerful lift.

If you have can goods buried in the back of those cabinets and find they are expired, or if you are making a can of soup, save the can and use it as a vase filled with fresh cut flowers that you found in the garden or in your local grocery store. Not only are you making a pretty statement but you are helping the environment by upcycling. This is also an inexpensive centerpiece idea for parties.

Next freshen up that entranceway, take an old pair of boots and fill them to the brim with clippings from the trees that are blooming right now. If you don't have an old pair you can always find an inexpensive pair at your local thrift store.

Another fun idea is to find an old umbrella and hang it on the door. You can fill it with faux flowers. Reminding everyone that April showers bring May flowers.

This is the time of year to embrace the wonderful flowers that are blooming and appreciate the colors that are coming alive. So whether you use fresh or if your an allergy sufferer and need to go for the faux, deck the halls with as many cheerful flowers and colors as you can - it will surely be a mood changer!

Note: This blog was written with the help of a special friend, Becca Hart.

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