Fall Picnic

Fall Picnic

The summer months come, and we seem to find joy in spending time together. People take family vacations, time off from work, and just generally find reasons to get together with people they haven't seen in a while for a barbecue or picnic.

Why not have Fall picnics. Plan a picnic that you can enjoy on a cool autumn day.

Pack a basket and head out to a park or create the mood in your own backyard. Plan a date night or a fun fall picnic with family.

We decided to create a special evening for two. Using our aged ceramic urns for centerpieces, we wanted to set a table for an outdoor evening to remember. We added some pumpkins, plates and a bottle of Prosecco and now all we needed was the charcuterie board and we were all set.

After a day of pumpkin picking, tag football, or raking leaves, it would be a welcomed event.

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