My Favorites

My Favorites

We decided to share our favorite items this year on our birthday in the Create The Look page. Being the owner of the business, I am always involved in choosing the merchandise, so in essence everything in our store is something I love. When I started the business I did it out of my love for home decor. It was something that completely captivated me. I loved making a room beautiful. A place where you could feel completely at home.

When I was younger and just starting out, I remember wanting beautiful things in my home but simply could not afford it, so my house was found with items from yard sales or pieces that family members and friends were discarding. It was during this time that I learned the love of mixing the old with the new. As I was able to afford new pieces, I continued to keep the old pieces mixed in. It gave my house a true being at home feeling.

Today I try to make sure that same feeling exists in our pieces that we carry. A mixture of the old and the new. It continues to remind me where I came from and where I am going.

I truly hope our pieces are items that you love as much as I do.

Below are some of our found items that I love

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