Seasonal Home Decor Ideas Worth Falling In Love With

Seasonal Home Decor Ideas Worth Falling In Love With

The nights are long, and the air is cold. Winter doesn't have to mean the inside of your home is dull and dark. Add a little love and warmth to your home with Valentine’s Day-inspired farmhouse decor! From gifts for your loved ones to our top picks for Valentine’s Day and seasonal farmhouse decor and home decor ideas, we have it all in this guide.

All home decor and gift ideas shown below are available on the Cotton & Crete site.

Valentine's Day Farmhouse Decor You'll Adore

In our guide to Valentine’s Day farmhouse decor, you'll find ideas for both yourself and your loved ones. Of course, we have plenty of other great ideas in Valentine’s Day collection.

Think Pink This February

Reds, pinks, and rose-tinted everything is always a hit in February. At Cotton and Crete, we have curated a selection of seasonal farmhouse decor that fits the mood (and every price point) for the season of love.

Are you looking for a beautiful piece to complement any wall, shelf, or mantle? Check out this pink mercury glass ornament garland! Enjoy the various designs of these glass ornaments attached to a fabric string. This is a statement antique garland that all will envy.

Home decor idea: Pair with a wood background or your favorite plants to really make this garland pop!

This stunning set of two pink glass candlestick holders is the perfect marriage of seasonal farmhouse decor and high class. The textured glass catches the light at all times- the sunlight during the day or the flickering warm candlelight over dinner.

Home decor idea: Pair with your choice of candles for a piece that is as functional as it is beautiful!


We also have a selection to help you make some fantastic baked brie! The rose-colored stoneware brie baker with bamboo spreader will bring beauty and joy year-round to any kitchen. This striking rose color adds something entirely different to the kitchen, and honestly, is there anything better than baked brie? How about some baked brie with apricots, honey, or walnuts? Up the presentation factor with this beautiful baker! The stoneware baker comes with a wooden spatula perfect for that warm, just out of the oven, Brie! Naturally, this is perfect as a gift or a piece of functional decor for yourself.

Farmhouse Decor Gifts For Your True Love

Now that you have a couple of statement decor pieces in your home to set the mood, let's turn to a couple of gifts for your true love.

boho flower vase

Flowers are always a hit for Valentine's Day farmhouse decor and gifts. They, unfortunately, don’t last very long, though. Pink peony stems are perfect for those who want to enjoy the beauty of peonies all year round! Plus, there’s zero upkeep, so no worries about keeping your flowers watered here.

Home decor idea: Pair your peony steam with a glass vase like the Botella rose bottle vase or the rose tonic bottle vase. For extra appeal, group them with other shapes and sizes of rose-colored bottles.


Finally, we also have something for those who may not be big on reds and pinks. If earth tones are more their style, check out this sage green XO applique pillow.

This 20” cotton pillow instantly upgrades any couch or chair while effortlessly catching the eye with its XOXO pattern and eyelash fringe detailing. Made out of woven cotton, this green and natural pillow brings both comfort and unique style to any seating this Valentine’s Day!

Shipping for Seasonal Farmhouse Decor

Did one of these home decor ideas inspire you? Great news! Now is the perfect time to order your perfect decor pieces for Valentine's Day. All orders are normally processed within 3-7 business days unless noted within the product listing. Orders are processed Monday - Friday.

Love Your New Seasonal Farmhouse Decor

We at Cotton & Crete have enjoyed curating our Valentine’s Day collection, with items to make your space beautiful and cozy. The items featured in our collection are curated from all over the world, with function and beauty at the heart of each item.

We hope you found something you love in our guide as much as we’ve enjoyed sharing it with you.

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