Turn Your Garden Into A Paradise With These Decor Essentials

Turn Your Garden Into A Paradise With These Decor Essentials

Cultivating a beautiful garden can be hard work. When all the dirt is placed and the plants are growing strongly, it’s time to complete the style and bring the last little bit of garden magic with some decor!

The right pieces can completely transform your outdoor space from a generic landscaping job to a refuge for you and your guests. Whether you prefer a european cottage look or a modern farmhouse one, there are plenty of options out there to suit your taste. So why not explore the possibilities of garden decor and see how you can create a space that feels truly special and unique? From charming planters and benches to vintage signage and watering cans, the options are endless!


Every Garden Needs Some Style

Even the simplest flowerbed or tomato row can be elevated into an inviting space with a few decorative touches. Here are four types of items that we use to bring mood and style to a garden!

Planters & Flowerpots

Not only do they provide a practical way to grow your favorite plants and flowers, but planters and flowerpots can be the perfect addition to bring your garden’s atmosphere alive.

From whimsical handmade pots to luxurious antique planters, the possibilities are endless when it comes to choosing the perfect container for your plants. Try mixing and matching different styles within a theme to achieve that eclectic, elegant look worthy of a magazine cover. Choose a design element and see how a variety of styles look. How do simple and detailed flowerpots complement each other? Does a pop of color complete a row of neutral-colored planters?

And don't forget to experiment with location; you can use them to create vertical gardens, window boxes, or even as centerpieces for outdoor dining tables. Let your creativity run wild and see how planters and flowerpots can take your garden to the next level!

Watering Cans

Picture this: you're relaxing in your garden, surrounded by beautiful blooms and greenery, and you reach for your trusty watering can. But this isn't just any old watering can - it's a restored antique one, giving you feelings of home with a modern touch. Suddenly, your garden feels even more magical and enchanting than before!

Plus, when you choose a watering can that matches your garden's decor and color scheme, it can tie everything together and create a cohesive look. Don't overlook the power of a good watering can; it can be a small but mighty tool in creating a beautiful and inviting outdoor space for you and your family to enjoy! Check out one of our favorite watering can styles here.

Benches & Chairs

There's nothing quite like taking a break from gardening and relaxing on a beautiful bench or chair in the midst of your garden. Without a place to sit, there’s no way to truly reflect and take in the beauty you’ve cultivated. From charming wrought-iron benches to classic wooden rocking chairs, there are so many styles to choose from that can help bring a touch of personality and charm to your outdoor space.

Also, when you choose a bench or chair that complements the color scheme and overall vibe of your garden, it can help tie everything together and create a cohesive look. You can use a bench or chair as a base for a vertical garden or a trellis for climbing plants. Place a chair next to a window box or container garden to create a cozy reading nook. So why not invest in a cozy spot to sit and enjoy your garden? You and your guests will love spending time outdoors in a space that feels warm and inviting. For inspiration, check out one of the garden chairs from our collection here.


Whether you're into classic metal signs or rustic wooden ones, vintage signage brings a nostalgic touch to any green space. Maybe it's an old Coca-Cola sign or a vintage seed packet advertisement - whatever it is, it's sure to add a touch of sophistication and whimsy to your garden. Plus, vintage signage can be a great conversation starter for guests.

In our years of curating the Cotton & Crete collection, the rush of finding an antique sign has never gone away. Discover our collection of vintage and modern garden decor and signage to add to your lawn paradise!


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