Vintage Inspired Decor Trends We Expect To See In 2023

Vintage Inspired Decor Trends We Expect To See In 2023

Antique, cottagecore, and hipstoric home decor online

Get inspired! The new year is a perfect time to dream up a fresh design for your spaces. Maybe it’s time for you to finally hop on the mid-century modern train, or take the minimalist approach to interior design. But, some of us are feeling cutting-edge this year, ready to hop on the latest 2023 trends and overhaul all that outdated decor.

For that, we’ve scoured Pinterest and took note. While they may have been lurking on the fringe for a while, we see these vintage inspired decor trends going big this year.

Blasts From The Past

Continuing on from the 2022 mid-century modern trend of last year, 2023 will be all about putting a modern twist into traditional and rustic furniture. Upcycling and giving new context to vintage decor takes center stage in these new trends.


As home decor trends back to high-detail pieces, the antique inspired design style has been coming back with it. The style focuses on historical pieces and vintage items, incorporating authentic antique furniture such as armoires and vintage textiles such as embroidered table runners. Antique home decor values traditional design elements, such as intricate carvings, detailed moldings, and ornate embellishments. The colors are always rich, with deep hues but always muted and reserved.

To add an antique flair to a room, look for ornate accessories such as vases and figurines. Usually, antique style rooms convey an Old World style: classic European design such as baroque and rococo styles, as well as traditional Asian or Middle Eastern elements work together. Antique home decor creates a timeless and classic atmosphere, showcasing the beauty and elegance of historical pieces.


We’ve all witnessed the rise of the mushroom. It’s on every sweatshirt, wall poster and throw pillow, and it’s a great example of cottagecore’s influence.  Cottagecore home decor style pulls elements from classic cottage decor for a modern but quaint style. Rustic wooden furniture, woven baskets and vintage ceramics come together with pastel colors for a nostalgic, uplifting theme. Floral wallpaper patterns are cottagecore hallmarks, adding a touch of nature to the decor. Handmade items, such as hand-stitched quilts, knitted blankets, and crochet curtains, are valued for their personal touch and charming simplicity.

When decorating in cottagecore, use pieces with natural materials and rustic simplicity. Objects such as fresh flowers, vintage table linens, and hand-embroidered napkins, bring the charming and romantic atmosphere you’re looking for. Overall, cottagecore home decor creates a cozy atmosphere reminiscent of a simpler time and way of life.


What about modernizing more recent trends, like art deco, or boho chic? Hipstoric home decor style blends vintage and modern design elements for a unique eclectic look. Bold and bright colors, combined with industrial elements like concrete and metal mix the vibrance of the modern color trends with a callback to the factory environments of yesteryear. Hipstoric often incorporates eclectic mixes of different styles and periods, such as 60s flower power and mid-century modern, resulting in a layered and textured look. Unique pieces such as vintage posters, antique maps, and other found items are used to add character and personality to the space.

To pull off hipstoric, experiment with layers and a variety of patterned furniture to get the right arrangement. Include a mix of old and new pieces, such as vintage and modern furniture and decor. Overall, hipstoric home decor emphasizes an eclectic and visually layered space that’s both nostalgic and current.

Bring Your New Look To Life

In vintage decor styles, finding the perfect, one-of-a-kind piece to elevate the room is a must. For us, every piece is curated to fill a unique need still to be discovered. Ready to find it? Get started on your new home decor style with Cotton & Crete goods that complete your antique, cottagecore or hipstoric look! Browse our new arrivals while supplies last!