Collaborator of the Month - Julie Hodgson

Collaborator of the Month - Julie Hodgson

Introducing our December Collaborator of the Month - Julie "Jules" Hodgson!

We feel incredibly fortunate to have the opportunity to collaborate with Julie, as she offers remarkable inspiration for lovers of neutral vintage farmhouse decor. Her talent for making any item appear beautiful and cozy is truly astonishing. 

Working with her has been amazing, as she enthusiastically promotes any item in her own beautiful way. As a person not only is she talented and creative but we have found that Julie is truly kind and thoughtful.  This past year we personally experienced several highs and lows and she has always gone the extra mile to show we were in her thoughts by sending handwritten cards, of congratulations, and get well wishes, something not many people do anymore. 

You can find all of Julie's stunning styling on her Instagram, where both her followers and ourselves are in awe of her work! Discover more about Julie and don't miss the opportunity to explore her gorgeous home and style on Instagram @thegeorgianwhitepoppy.

Describe your design style

    French Country Cottage

    What is your personal favorite decor piece in your home right now? 

    A table my husband made
    What is your favorite accent color to decorate with?
    Natural Brown

    Favorite Memory?

    When my mom was alive, I would go to her home and she would make a pancake, bacon and egg breakfast. The children would play and do artwork while Mom and I watched tennis.
    What is your favorite season? 

    Do you collect anything?

    Vintage books and clocks

    Favorite thing to do in your spare time?

    Spend time with my family
    What motivates you the most?

    The joy of creating
    What do you do first thing in the morning?

    Drink coffee, walk the dogs
    Finish the phrase: The way to my heart is...

    Vintage picking or a trip to England

    What was the best advice you ever received?

    It's not your business what other people think of you
    What chore do you like the least?

    Doing the dishes
    Favorite room in your home?

    The lanai and dining room

    What never fails to make your smile?

    My kids walking in the door
    Morning or Night?

    100% Night Owl
    One item you could not live without? 

    Coffee Creamer
    What are the 3 items on your current bucket list:

    1. Go back to England
    2. Take out the kitchen cabinets, add open shelving and an apron sink
    3. Add a fire pit and outdoor pavers

    Since we are in the holiday season, do you have any Christmas traditions? 

    We have big family meals, bake chocolate top cookies and watch movies together
    Who do you spend Christmas with?

    My husband, four children, dad and brother
    What are you most thankful for this year?

    That my family is healthy
    Something about you that your followers would be surprised to know

    I was born in London, raised in Maryland. I moved back to England when I was 17 and stayed for 10 years.
    What was your favorite collab that you did with cotton and crete?

    I loved the pre-lit pine tree, pom pom throw, box candles and the French provincial wire baskets.